February 28th 2018 6.00am Frost Loud Sea Cherry Blossom Blue

27th February snow white even cover save one early doorstep footprint about

February 26th 6.00 am too cold for slippered feet wind breezy squat chinese tea pot half stippled About

Sunday 6.20am 25th February Already lightening even pale misty blue Majolica fish Italian journeys? house collection

23rd February 5.54 am dark frosty very faint stars thin earthenware bowl throw-away water cups

Spinnies 22 February 2018 Calm

All ready for dawn doorstep – can’t find keys –  locked in! Another facet of the salt pot…

Dark Starless Faint sea 21 February 2018 5.58am Each facet a hand drawn painting facet 5 x 2 cms

Tuesday, 20th February    5.59am Dark, faint Plough, calm, sea steady noise, oyster catcher