In 2017,  I started each day by standing outside, slippered, contemplating the early morning. In the summer months I was able to sit on the front step to sketch with Chinese ink block and brush and capture quickly – a ‘snapshot.’

As the days drew darker – I couldn’t see to draw – but still recorded sounds and thoughts, taking me through December 2017 to 2018.

This year I want to continue the exercise.

I still absorb the morning on the doorstep: recording time, place, sounds, in pencil. Indoors I select an object from the house to sketch using my ink block. Then, rolling out a marble size ball of porcelain paper clay, I  make a quick response to the ceramic using blue under-glaze to pick out detail. Pinching the sides of the flat circle like pastry, a flat bowl emerges, pressed pointed pencil indentations marking the day’s number.

Morning notes, ink sketch and ‘green’ clay are then photographed quickly.

The aim is to complete the whole process – doorstep contemplation, ceramic drawing, under-glaze, pinch pot, photograph, upload, adding to blog – within 30 minutes – to be ready – ideally  – by 6.30am  for the day  ahead…….